Why You Need a Content Management System For Your Website?

Content management system(CMS) is frequently used for managing, storing, controlling and publishing the documents such as sales and marketing guides, news articles, operators’ manuals and technical manuals. Using CMS, content can easily be managed, which include audio and video files, computer files, and electronic documents. But Why Content? Why every time we talk about content? Why “Content is the King”? What is the reason behind any website’s popularity? There is only one answer to this question and this is content plays an important role in developing a website. It speaks about your business products and services. It helps in making your website more SEO friendly.

Earlier, Website Designing was the biggest challenge for web designers and developers but when Content Management system came into existence website building and management has become easy. Through a CMS one can easily manage the content of website without having much technical knowledge. With the help of CMS you can easily save your maximum time, as CMS has the ability to publish content faster. Most of the CMS are free to use.

For managing and installing CMS, you don’t require any kind of hardware and software as CMS service can be delivered through internet. Because of CMS web design portability as well as it’s scalability on different platforms makes it simple to use by everyone. CMS comes with the features of customizable templates as they are ready to use and can easily be applied to the content. Re-usability of content is also one of the features of CMS as you can easily reuse the content which is stored in the database and generates new output with the old available content. Crafting Online Surveys and Polls is one of the built-in features in a Content Management System as it helps the organization in many ways such as data collection, managing, storing and publication of results. With CMS development, one can easily manage, edit and update the content from anywhere, anytime as it removes lots of bottlenecks.

Over internet, there are many content management systems which are available to help individuals as well as organizations. Most popular content management systems are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Each of them perform similar function but each having their unique features. Choice of drupal, wordpress and joomla development depends on the features that you want in your website.

WordPress and It’s Benefits to using as a CMS (Content Management System)

WordPress is a Content Management System and is a free open source for blog publishing application. It is an extremely useful tool, and is highly recommended when taking you or your business online. Many people, from the small business owner, to the entrepreneur, to even big corporations use WordPress to express their online presence.

To make use of it, you have to first download and install a script called WordPress from the site WordPress.org. Now you will be needing a webhost that at least meets the minimum requirements. You can use it for almost any website that you want and is completely customizable. WordPress has a new WordPress-based blog service that you can create in seconds and its totally for free. There are components to using the free service though.

One great thing with WordPress is you can rearrange the widgets you have on your site without even editing HTML or the PHP codes. You can also adjust the themes that you install, and they can be changed easily to a new theme because WordPress mostly uses a templating system. The PHP and HTML codes may be edited allowing more advanced customizations for your site. WordPress also features integrated link management and automatic filters for style and formatting of texts in the articles used on your site. Not to mention that it also nice with trackback and pingback standards, you can display links to another sites that are linked to an article or post.

WordPress only supports one web blog per every installation. To fix that, blogs can exist simultaneously by using the Worsdpress Multi-User that was created by WordPress. It’s now possible to control the blogging community and moderate the blogs from a single dashboard for anyone who has a website from WordPress. This is definitely another perk of using WordPress with your online presence.

Since WordPress is a free service, you will also be able to find some free templates to use for the look of your site. Even still, in the case you find a look that you must have that does have an investment to use it, you’ll find that the investments are minute compared to having a web developer design a custom site for you.

In order to build your own site with WordPress, you will want to educate yourself on the basics so that you don’t spend hours attempting to build your site and have it only look mediocre. You’ll also want to educate yourself on WordPress so you don’t tinker with the coding incorrectly and mess up your whole site. So familiarize yourself before making pretend you’re a web developer. It will be much more cost efficient ’cause you wont need to worry about hiring a web developer in the end just to fix just a tiny error you made from lack of experience with WordPress. Please keep in mind to back up of your site on a secure server often so that you have your most recent updates updated in case of an error.

Why Should I Use A Content Management System ?

I am amazed to see how many small companies and individuals still use static HTML websites to promote themselves or their business. Maybe they don’t realize the advantages of having a Content Management System (CMS).

Hi, I’m Jimmie with Creative Designs. I know it can be frustrating when you want to update your website. First, you have to send files to the webmaster and wait for them to update your site, if they update it at all. Then you get charged for their time to update it. Why not build a site where you can update all of the information on your site when you want it updated?

The number one advantage of having a CMS, is that you don’t have to worry about having a graphic designer, webmaster, or your friend who designed the site for you, update it. You can update your site on your schedule and at your pace. CMS sites are database driven so all of the content on your site is stored in a database, just waiting for you to edit it.

A second reason for having a CMS website is the ease of changing the overall look of a site. You probably need to have a professional help you with this part of your site, but once all of your information is stored in the database, a web designer can make a new template for your site. Once the template is deployed all of the content in your database is retrieved and entered in your new template, and now you have a new look without having to rebuild from the ground up.

Which Content Management System (CMS) to use and not to use?

Which Content Management System (CMS) to use and not to use? Content Management System (CMS) such a mass big market and so many Big and small companies in the field. We have a Industry full of WordPress, Joomla , Drupal and you name it , my guess which is going to be wrong there are more than a million CMS in the market. If I search in google.com.au I get 112 Million returns in Australia.

It is good to see that market have requirement for this and over the last decade, Websites are no longer consider to be a brochure only, they are informative and solving some purpose and making life easier for the Business. Still everyone have a different requirement, someone just need a small website where they can show some businesses for sale, and someone may have a small site to sell toys, shopping carts are provided at the rate of 10 or 110 in the market , but integrating them with your website causes another level of complexity.

The Big Companies which are using CMS, I came across a big radio station which was using CMs and they are paying a massive amount of 20k every month to keep it running. What a waste of money… but still this CMS does more then you will ever need. I think that radio station can afford it and a top shelf product does get sold too. But BIG Dogs and Big Bones are less than 0.02% of the market. If I decide creating something of that level, It will take more than couple of years and I may never be able to sell it.

Now let’s come towards the 60% of the market which uses websites and CMS as open source, free CMS. Get a designer and they will fit any thing in these sort of CMS and if you wish to have a Brochure website with a little bit of access to edit things, you will be very happy. Company happy cause Website didn’t cost that much, Designer happy cause he never have to run after the programmers to create something.

I have always been not very big fan of open source, i love the idea of sharing the information, and the code snippets etc. but every time I have opened something open source, I have struggled. It is opening a website which is code done by someone else, and now you have to make sense out of it, Open source Software tend to use a lot of things in a way that a normal guy will start scratching his head, some genius guys are able to understand the open source and start providing the services. But end of the day when you edit open source you already created a loop hole in it. There will be a stage when this cannot be done will be said and Customer will get so upset that i have spend so much money and so much time on it, now i have to start from the beginning.

Also Pickup up any opens source software and type hacking next to it in Google, you will find a ready script, you are sitting on such a thin ice where you can lose so much in no time. Some of the open source sites are good with SEO, and some of them are not.Lack of design freedom and development freedom puts me off.

Now a basic website may use Shopping cart, bunch of Dynamic pages, a download page, events, guestbook, image gallery, jobs and carrier, link exchange, news, news letter, photo and text section, Staff, Testimonials and a video gallery.

I think other that this if anyone needs anything that should be a custom build system. Netvision software, Gold Coast provides this CMS with all the section mentioned above in the CMS included.

What to look for in a Content Management System

A good content management system can be an important part of any website design. This is because it can enable you to update your own site. This is fantastic since it means that once the original website design has been paid for you may not need to pay continuing fees in order to keep your site looking fresh and current. However, there are many different content management systems and some are easier to use than others. Here are a few tips that you can use in order to determine which content management system you are most interested in using.

  • What do you want to update?
  • One thing that you may want to consider when choosing a content management system is what do you want to be able to update?
  • Are you just interested in being able to update text and images or are there other things that you want to be able to update as well?

If so, you need to make sure that the content management system that is used in your website design will have the full range of functionality that you need.

  • How much computer experience do you have?

You need to think how much experience you have working with computers. If you are just beginning to use computers and do not know a lot about them it is a good idea to use a much simpler content management system in your website design. Some can be more complicated to use than others and these more complex programs may not be right for you. If you can find a content management system that is simple and straightforward you may find that it is much less frustrating to try and use one. A content management system will only be able to save you money if you can use it. If you still need to farm out your website maintenance to another company you will not end up saving any money in the long run.

  • Does it need to be downloaded or is it built into the site?

Some content management systems are built right into your website and others may need to be downloaded or installed on your computer. There are very few systems that do need to be downloaded although they do exist. You may find that if you are updating your site from more than one location it is not a good idea to use software that needs to be downloaded. How to tell which one will be used on your site All you need to do is speak to your website design company and ask them for information about the content management systems that they use. If you have a choice of more than one and you have never used a CMS before it can be a good idea to see if you can try both of them and choose the one that seems to be more intuitive and easier to understand. It is better to take the time to do this first rather than trying to learn a system you do not understand after it has been built into your site.

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